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In the age of generative AI, Samsung remains committed to Bixby

Samsung has announced plans to enhance its digital assistant Bixby by incorporating new functions powered by generative AI. These new features, which include the Rodea search tool, Photo Assistant, real-time Translation, and Notes Assistant, were showcased during the unveiling of the Galaxy S24. Although these functions have not yet been integrated into Bixby, Samsung’s executive vice president of the device business, Won-joon Choi, stated that the company is committed to further developing its assistant to better serve its customers.

Choi also mentioned that advancements in generative AI and large language models have prompted Samsung to rethink the role of Bixby. The company envisions equipping Bixby with generative AI to enhance its intelligence and create a more natural conversational interface that seamlessly integrates with Samsung products in their ecosystem. By doing so, Samsung hopes to provide a smarter and more intuitive user experience across its product lineup.

In summary, Samsung remains committed to evolving Bixby through the use of generative AI. The company’s focus on redefining the role of its digital assistant within its ecosystem is driven by a desire to improve functionality and provide a better user experience for its customers.

By Samantha Jones

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