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Earnings in Banks, Fintechs, and Hedge Funds: A Comprehensive Overview

The world of high-paying data science roles in financial services is competitive and diverse. While hedge funds and trading firms are often the top picks for many professionals, there are still opportunities to earn substantial salaries at banks and fintech companies. In fact, a new compensation report from recruitment firm Selby Jennings offers insights into data science pay based on seniority, industry sector, and region.

According to the report, top data scientists at hedge funds in prime locations such as New York and San Francisco can earn more than twice as much as their peers in banking roles. For instance, managing director-level positions with 15+ years of experience in a hedge fund can earn an average total compensation of $777k. Additionally, data scientists in these same hedge funds can potentially earn between $1m and $2m on average.

Selby Jennings’ study also examines the pay for data scientists in seven additional locations across the US and Europe. The report provides a comparative analysis of average salaries for analysts in each region. Junior data scientists in Europe may find Switzerland to be an attractive location due to its competitive pay rates. French data scientists working in banks tend to earn more than their German counterparts, while the opposite is true on the buy-side. Entry-level data scientists in London banks may have notably lower salaries compared to junior data scientists working for hedge funds or trading firms in New York or other cities around the world.

The Selby Jennings compensation report will be released this Friday, providing even more valuable information about salary ranges for managing director-level positions across various industries and regions. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for your next high-paying job opportunity, this report will help you make informed decisions about your career path.

By Samantha Jones

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