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Officials: Suspected Tajik men visited Turkey, showing signs of torture

ISIS terrorists suspected of being involved in a terrorist attack at the Basmannyi courthouse in Moscow were allegedly arrested in Bryansk, near the border between Belarus and Ukraine. On Sunday, a group of gunmen opened fire at the Crocus City Hall before a concert, killing 137 people and injuring more than 180 on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday night. The suspects fled the scene but were later arrested by Russian security service FSB on Saturday morning. Four of the terrorism suspects are said to be citizens of Tajikistan, with their president condemning the attacks. ISIS-K, an active jihadist group mainly operating in Afghanistan and Central Asia, claimed responsibility for the attack. The suspects were brought to the Investigative Committee headquarters in Moscow on Sunday.

Videos of alleged torture of the suspects began to circulate on social media after they were arrested. Members of Russian Social Chamber and representative of Russian occupation administration in Ukraine Vladimir Rogov published a video of interrogation situation on his Telegram channel on Saturday. The suspects will be held in pretrial detention for at least two months. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov declined to comment on allegations of torture or ISIS involvement in the attack, saying that there is no official confirmation yet.

The Kremlin is not currently planning to restore death penalty, although former president Dmitri Medvedev called for it on social media. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that several ISIS-K attack attempts have been thwarted in France recently.

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