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Neglected Treatment for Rescued Captive and Ill Luis Norberto Herr

Luis Norberto Herr, a 70-year-old abductee, is in dire need of medical treatment for his life-threatening chronic diseases. He requires life-saving drugs to treat diabetes and blood pressure, as well as an oxygen generator. However, information from the families of the survivors suggests that they did not receive necessary medical treatment while being held captive. This has caused severe starvation and poor hygiene conditions among the group.

Prof. Hagai Levin, head of the medical department at the abductees’ headquarters, has expressed concern about their lives and the fate of other abductees in similar conditions. He stated that there are many abductees who suffer from life-threatening chronic diseases, and any delay in their treatment could lead to life-threatening or irreversible damage. The Qataris had promised both the families and the French that the drugs would reach their destination with proof, but no proof has been provided yet.

The situation is extremely concerning as Luis’s medical condition remains unstable after tests, and being held in these inhumane conditions poses an immediate danger to his life. It is crucial that urgent action be taken to provide him with the necessary medical care and ensure that he receives life-saving drugs without further delay.

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