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After three months of silence, liaison table reiterates demand for extension of rule increasing credit costs for producers

Rural entities have again sent a request for a hearing with the president of the Central Bank (BCRA) to discuss the increase in credit costs and food import risks faced by local producers. This demand came after a meeting between rural presidents who reiterated their plea for such a meeting, expressing dissatisfaction with previous responses from BCRA regarding issues affecting wheat and soybean producers. The liaison table highlighted the negative impact that excessive tax increases and new fees imposed across the country have on producers’ production costs, adding to their already high tax burden.

The ruralistas also raised concerns about food imports potentially harming local producers if equal conditions were not maintained. They called on national, provincial, and municipal legislators to reconsider these tax policies and prioritize measures that support production and promote economic growth.

Additionally, they expressed concern over the high cost of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines at the start of the vaccination campaign. The liaison table announced a consultation period within their entities to gather feedback on vaccine costs while collaborating with relevant organizations to determine specific details influencing this issue. By addressing this issue, they aim to safeguard livestock health and support agriculture as a whole.

By Samantha Jones

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