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Salvini remains in power after surviving no-confidence motion in Italy

In Rome, the motion of no confidence against Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini was defeated by a significant margin. Salvini, who is also the leader of the right-wing populist party Lega, received strong support from the coalition of three center-right parties during the session in the Chamber of Deputies. With 209 MPs voting against the motion, Salvini retains his position as transport minister and deputy head of government under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Despite his recent statements regarding Russia that have sparked criticism at home, Salvini has gained notoriety in Germany for his strict measures against boat refugees and rescue organizations during his previous role as interior minister. His past connections with Putin have also been scrutinized. However, leading up to the vote of no confidence, the Lega distanced itself from a 2017 agreement with Putin’s United Russia party. Criticism of Salvini within the Lega itself has emerged, and it is believed that his leadership may be at risk if the party performs poorly in upcoming European elections in June. The party is currently polling below ten percent and trailing behind Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia party, which has shifted towards the center since gaining power. In contrast to their 2019 performance where they secured over 34 percent of the vote, it remains to be seen how well they will perform in this election cycle.

By Samantha Jones

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