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Several individuals taken into custody following shooting incident outside St. Petersburg sports bar on Easter Sunday

In St. Petersburg, four individuals were injured in a shooting that took place outside a sports bar on Easter Sunday. The victims are linked to rapper Rodarius Green, also known as “Rod Wave,” and three suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident.

During a press conference, Police Chief Anthony Holloway revealed that Kevontre Wesby, Keith Wesby, and Christopher Atkins were found in Manatee County. The remaining two suspects have not yet been identified. The shooting occurred on Easter Sunday when individuals associated with the “Young Gangsters” group, or YGs, fired shots into a crowd outside the Sonic Sports Bar and Lounge. Chief Holloway noted that over 60 shell casings were recovered from the scene.

The Young Gangsters have close affiliations with Rodarius Green and reside in properties registered under his name. Significant evidence was discovered during searches of these residences, including firearms, ammunition, cash amounting to over $10,000, and jewelry. This evidence links the group to past shooting and drug trafficking investigations dating back to March 2022.

Fortunately, all four victims are expected to recover from their injuries. Chief Holloway emphasized that the victims had no prior acquaintance with the assailants and happened to be in the vicinity at the wrong time. The shooting incident also resulted in damage to six vehicles. The three suspects apprehended thus far are facing charges of attempted second-degree murder, with Kevontre Wesby facing additional charges of possessing a concealed firearm and being in possession of a firearm while being a delinquent.

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