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Javier Millay, a libertarian economist, won the presidential election in Argentina with 56% of the votes. Critics question what led to Millay’s rise in Argentine politics, suspecting that it came more as a result of Massa’s flaw as the Minister of Economy in the previous government. However, Millay has been popular with various groups in Argentina because of his criticism and attacks against the country’s leadership.

Despite being considered eccentric with his love for his four dogs and eccentric hobbies, Millay has been able to tap directly into the real problems troubling Argentina through his promises. The country has been suffering from economic issues, poverty, and high inflation. It remains unclear how Congress will govern in practice with Millay as president.

Lev Ari thinks that the ability to control the entire economy by the government has resulted in the gap between the rich and poor in Argentina. Past attempts to stabilize the economy have failed, and this government continues to struggle with handling the economic crisis. Prof. Rein claims that Argentina’s economic issues tie back to its role as a food producer, reliance on capital not within financial systems, and collapse of Peronism.

Millay’s party only received 37 seats in House of Representatives out of 257. The previous government party still holds most seats. As president, people hope that Millay can provide solutions to these problems and effectively take control of them while creating policies that are more effective than those implemented before him.

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