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ArcBest introduces new autonomous and remotely controlled forklift technology

ArcBest, a leading provider of supply chain solutions, has announced the launch of Vaux Smart Autonomy, an innovative technology that allows for remote operation of autonomous forklifts and reach trucks. This new offering is part of the company’s broader suite of warehouse freight management technologies.

The Vaux Smart Autonomy system includes mobile robot units that can be operated autonomously or manually, depending on the needs of the business. Sensors and cameras on these units enable them to navigate through warehouses, load and stack pallets, and move other goods with precision. A teleoperator control center monitors the units when they are in autonomous mode to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Vaux Smart Autonomy is designed to be compatible with existing warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. ArcBest is committed to ongoing investments in technology to drive profitable growth for both itself and its customers. The company has recently launched other innovative products such as the Vaux Freight Movement System, which reduces handling time on docks while minimizing damage to freight.

The Vaux suite of offerings is currently being piloted with manufacturing, automotive, and retail companies. ArcBest aims to improve operational efficiencies, add labor flexibility, and create a safer working environment for businesses with complex operations that have traditionally been unable to adopt autonomous technology.

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