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OpenAI aims to have its video creation tool, Sora, producing films in Hollywood.

Recently, OpenAI has launched a new tool known as Sorayour which uses artificial intelligence to generate videos from text descriptions. While this technology is not yet widely available, the company is aiming to collaborate with the Hollywood film industry.

According to Bloomberg, OpenAI is set to meet with major film and TV studios, as well as other industry leaders, to showcase the benefits of using Sora in upcoming productions. This initiative is part of a larger plan to demonstrate the advantages of this application to the entertainment industry.

OpenAI has already expressed its interest in the film industry, with CEO Sam Altman attending events related to the 2024 Oscars. Additionally, the company has granted a select group of actors and directors access to Sora.

Though Sora and OpenAI are not looking to replace principal photography, they could potentially accelerate secondary filming processes and complement existing visual effects tools. The specific studios or executives attending the meetings with OpenAI have not been disclosed, and it is unclear when the AI will be available or if there will be associated costs.

By Samantha Jones

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