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New Future Energy Gallery Unveiled

The Science Museum has recently opened a new gallery called Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery, which aims to explore how climate change can be tackled. One of the centerpieces of the gallery is Only Breath, a moving sculpture that stretches 5m wide when unfurled. Additionally, part of the Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly (ZETA), a nuclear fusion experiment from the late 1950s, is on display for the first time.

The Energy Revolution exhibit is divided into three main zones: Future Planet, which looks at computer-based models of the future climate; Future Energy, which explores different ways energy is supplied and reimagined; and Our Future, which includes creative ideas from children on how the world can meet its energy needs. Visitors can also explore exhibits on Hydrogen, Wind, and Tidal Energy within the gallery.

Ian Blatchford, the director of the Science Museum Group, believes that the new gallery will ignite curiosity amongst visitors and spark important conversations about the urgent need for sustainable energy generation and usage. He praises the efforts of the curators and the many individuals involved in creating this inspirational experience. The gallery aims to provoke discussions about the importance of generating and using energy more sustainably in order to combat climate change.

By Samantha Jones

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