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How AI Technology Can Improve Beer Production

Developing new products and improving existing recipes can be a time-consuming and expensive process for food and drink manufacturers. However, utilizing AI models can help save significant time and money by providing valuable insights into consumer preferences.

Over the course of five years, researchers analyzed 250 commercial beers to measure their chemical properties and flavor compounds, which are key determinants of taste. By combining these detailed chemical analyses with assessments from a trained tasting panel and reviews from an online platform, the researchers created a comprehensive data set that included information on both chemical composition and sensory features.

This data set was then used to train 10 machine-learning models that were designed to accurately predict a beer’s taste, aroma, mouthfeel, and overall quality, as well as predict how likely consumers would be to rate it highly. The researchers incorporated a wide range of data sources to develop sophisticated models that could help enhance the beer production process.

By utilizing these AI models, food and drink manufacturers can gain valuable insights into consumer preferences, saving significant time and money in the product development process. With this information, manufacturers can create products that are tailored to consumer tastes while also reducing costs associated with trial-and-error methods.

By Samantha Jones

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