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Amazon is discontinuing its Just Walk Out technology.

Amazon’s grocery stores are undergoing a major revamp, with the removal of the “Just Walk Out” technology that allowed shoppers to skip the checkout line. The company is being led by Tony Hoggell, who joined Amazon in 2022 as senior vice president of grocery stores. Reports from Bloomberg and Associated Press confirm that the redesign of the stores is taking place, with feedback from customers playing a crucial role in shaping the new approach.

Amazon Fresh has dozens of grocery stores located across the United States, including states like California, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington. The company is also known for its cashier-free convenience stores under its own brand. Its acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017 expanded its reach in the grocery industry, with now over 516 stores in operation in the US and Canada, particularly popular in states like California and Texas.

To enhance the shopping experience at Amazon Fresh, new “smart” carts have been introduced that allow customers to skip the checkout line while still being able to monitor their spending in real-time. Customers will receive their itemized bill via email, providing them with a transparent view of their purchases.

Although “Just Walk Out” technology is being removed from Amazon Fresh stores, Amazon continues to operate a few Go Stores that utilize this technology. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer experience remains at the forefront of its operations. While some projects may be abandoned, Amazon’s dedication to leveraging technology to enhance the shopping experience remains at the core of its operations. Ultimately, customer feedback and preferences play a crucial role in shaping Amazon’s approach to retail innovation.

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