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PAR Technology and Grubhub Enhance Collaboration through MENU Link Integration Expansion

MENU Link, a marketplace order management system from ParTech, Inc. (PAR), has been integrated with Grubhub, a leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery platform. This integration is part of the PAR MENU ecosystem and allows restaurants to easily manage Grubhub delivery and pickup orders directly within PAR Brink POS, PAR’s cloud-based point-of-sale system.

By automatically syncing menu items, pricing, and other order information between PAR Brink POS and Grubhub, MENU Link reduces errors, saves time for restaurant managers, and provides them with robust reporting on all Grubhub orders. This feature eliminates the need for staff to manually enter orders, making the ordering process smoother and more efficient for both customers and restaurant staff.

“How people experience food has drastically changed in recent years,” said Savneet Singh, CEO of ParTech. “With the rise of delivery services like Grubhub, it’s important for restaurants to be able to seamlessly integrate these platforms into their operations.” By doing so, restaurants can provide diners with a convenient ordering experience while also gaining centralized control over their menus and dynamic pricing across different channels. Additionally, MENU Link provides store-level information and order data from third-party marketplaces that can help restaurants make more informed business decisions.

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