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JK Tech stands firm on its AI business insights offer – Blocks and Files

In an effort to enhance enterprise AI data insights, global digital consulting firm JK Tech has launched its Google-driven JIVA platform. Utilizing generative AI (Gen AI) technology, the platform aims to improve data accessibility and accuracy while minimizing misinformation. One of the sectors where Gen AI has been implemented is automotive insurance, where chatbots powered by Gen AI have reduced claim handling time by up to 50 percent, benefiting both insurers and policyholders.

JIVA leverages advanced Gen AI technologies, including Google’s Knowledge Graph, to create a dynamic interconnected graph that promotes traceability and contextual understanding. The platform also features an in-context training and reasoning engine that facilitates deeper understanding and more accurate conclusions. Nodal Level Security is a unique feature of JIVA, providing enterprise access management and ensuring secure data access to prevent data misinterpretation.

According to Dipankar Ganguly, the chief technology officer of JK Tech, data has become a critical asset for organizations navigating digitization. The firm aims to unleash the full potential of Gen AI in the digital transformation journey of businesses by identifying key areas where Gen AI can deliver tangible value through in-depth discovery sessions with clients. The services offered include customization, integration, end-to-end training, and seamless implementation, with ongoing support and optimization to ensure that customers’ Gen AI initiatives remain innovative.

JK Tech specializes in retail and consumer products, insurance, financial services, and healthcare industries, focusing on making AI work in a meaningful way for these verticals. Ganguly emphasized the commitment to keeping customers’ Gen AI initiatives innovative and leading in the evolving business environment.

By Samantha Jones

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