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Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

An artificial intelligence technology developed by a Tel Aviv start-up company called imagene has revolutionized the process of biopsy testing at the Sheba Medical Center. The new technology allows for quick identification of cancerous tumor characteristics and mutations, within minutes. This is a significant improvement over the traditional process that can take up to a month and put patients’ lives in danger.

The technology was developed by three young developers, Dean Bitan, Yonatan Salah and Shahar Porat, who founded imagene in 2020. It uses digital scanning devices to identify countless characterizations of cancerous tumors. The initial phase of implementation at Sheba Medical Center involved digital scanning of biopsies, which can now be viewed even from home and anywhere in the world. This has significantly improved the speed of diagnosis and allowed for consultations with experts from all over the world.

Prof. Iris Brashak, director of the pathology laboratory at Sheba Medical Center and chairman of the Israeli Pathology Association, explains that since they switched to digital scanning of biopsies, they have been able to give quick answers to patients even when they are not in the laboratory. The artificial intelligence technology has turned this process around and created a revolution in cancer diagnosis.

The computers at the pathology laboratory now work overtime, scanning thousands of different algorithms to identify tumor characteristics and mutations within a few minutes. This is a significant improvement over traditional methods that require genetic sequencing or other time-consuming tests before an initial diagnosis can be made. With this new technology, doctors can make informed decisions on treatment options much more quickly than before.

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