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On Tuesday, Nokia will conduct a test drive with a tractor equipped with a diesel engine, which will be refueled with electric fuel. This is the first time that electric fuel made from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide will be used in vehicle operation.

VTT has been working on the production of electric fuel for commercial and industrial applications for several years. The company has developed the process of producing electric fuel using hydrogen as an important intermediate product. With support from Business Finland and other companies, VTT’s project has received more than €6 million in funding.

The tractor used in this test drive will be refueled with electric fuel at the factory of Agco Power, which manufactures diesel engines. The aim of this test is to gather information about the usability of the fuel in practical operation. During the test drive, which lasts several hours, various factors such as fuel consumption and emissions in exhaust gases will be measured by Kari Aaltonen, director of product development at Agco Power.

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