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Meta, the social media giant, has recently expanded its Expressive Media Universe (EMU) technology with two new tools that focus on image editing and video generation. The EMU technology was initially introduced at the Connect event in September, where it showcased a tool for creating ‘stickers’ to be used in messaging applications. The recent expansion includes two new tools that are set to revolutionize the way images and videos are created and manipulated online.

The first tool, EMU edit, allows for precise image editing from text instructions. This generative AI technology follows instructions to modify pixels in the input image without affecting the entire image. It also incorporates computer vision tasks as instructions for image generation models, improving precision and control in the editing process. With EMU edit, users can make precise changes to an image without having to manually adjust individual pixels or use complex software.

The second tool, EMU video, facilitates the generation of videos from a text description through a unified architecture that responds to different types of inputs. It uses diffusion models to generate videos, providing a streamlined process for video generation tasks. With EMU video, users can create high-quality videos quickly and easily by simply typing out their desired description.

These new tools offer advanced features for precise and controlled editing, as well as efficient video generation from text descriptions. They are set to take Meta’s content generation model to new heights and open up endless possibilities for creators and businesses alike.

With these advancements in AI technology, Meta is positioning itself as a leader in content creation and manipulation online. These tools will undoubtedly have a significant impact on how we create and consume visual content in the future.

In conclusion, Meta’s recent expansion of its EMU technology has brought about two powerful tools that will transform the way we approach image editing and video generation online. With their advanced features and streamlined processes, these tools offer unparalleled precision and control while making content creation quicker and easier than ever before.

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