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Lim and Li Still Wrestling, but Korean Improves to Top Qualifying Position

The Hyundai Archery World Cup season opener in Shanghai saw the rivalry between Lim Sihyeon and Li Jiaman continue as they both competed for the top spot. Despite Jiaman’s Chinese team causing an upset by defeating Sihyeon and Korea in their previous encounter, Sihyeon was able to seek revenge by winning the individual semifinals and eventually taking home the third circuit stage of her career in just four appearances.

Throughout the day, Sihyeon and Jiaman exchanged positions at the top of the recurve women’s qualification leaderboard. Sihyeon, who is currently ranked number two in the world, managed to secure the top spot with a final score of 685 points after a competitive round. Despite facing challenging wind conditions in the beginning, Sihyeon’s familiarity with the Yecheon environment contributed to her success.

Jiaman finished third with a score of 678, behind Sihyeon’s teammate Jeon Hunyoung (680) and ahead of Shanghai runner-up Deepika Kumari (677), who achieved her best qualifying score since 2016. Kumari expressed the need for more confidence in her technique to improve her team’s performance.

As India’s recurve women’s team seeded sixth and Korea’s team secured the top spot, tensions between Lim and Li continued to escalate. The upcoming matches in Yecheon promise to showcase their rivalry once again, adding excitement to the event as fans eagerly anticipate who will come out on top.

By Samantha Jones

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