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Construction Company Claims Only One Worker Survived Bridge Collapse

Rescue efforts were halted on Tuesday evening after officials were unable to locate the missing construction workers who fell into the Patapsco River following a cargo ship’s collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Two individuals were rescued, but six of their coworkers are presumed dead. The bodies of the presumed dead workers have not been recovered yet, leading rescue teams to believe that they may no longer be alive.

The search and rescue efforts focused on finding survivors rather than recovering bodies. Engineers determined that the bridge collapse was not due to any oversights in its construction, but rather the sheer force of the cargo ship. Governor Wes Moore commended the actions of the Dali crew for issuing a mayday call warning officials about the imminent collision, allowing them to stop traffic on the bridge and prevent further casualties. The impact of the cargo ship made the collapse inevitable, according to experts.

The devastating incident has left many questions unanswered as rescue teams continue their recovery efforts. Investigations are ongoing to determine what caused the cargo ship’s loss of power and why it collided with the bridge in Baltimore’s port during a meal break for construction workers. The survival rate among construction workers is still low, and families are waiting anxiously for news about their loved ones who remain missing.

By Samantha Jones

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