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Renowned Chef from Jacksonville dies at 72 after Giving Away 500 Turkeys

Harvey, a renowned chef in Jacksonville, passed away at the age of 72. Known for his generosity and commitment to serving those in need, he left behind a legacy of kindness and compassion. He organized events such as giving away 500 free Thanksgiving turkeys in the Brentwood neighborhood.

Harvey’s giving spirit extended beyond Jacksonville, as he traveled to Louisiana in 2005 with a group to provide meals for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. He believed in the importance of helping others and understanding their struggles, stating, “If I reach down to pull you up I want to feel your pain because we are all just one paycheck away from being homeless.”

His family mourns his loss, but his legacy will continue to inspire those who knew him. His wife Nancy, two daughters, and two sons will remember him as a kind and compassionate person who always put others first.

By Samantha Jones

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