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Instances of Kela subsidy abuse are infrequent

Kela has reported that the income register system has significantly reduced suspicions of abuse in some social benefits. In 2023, only about half of all paid benefits were suspected of abuse, with basic income support having the most cases of suspected abuse, followed by unemployment insurance and general housing support.

In previous years, unemployment insurance had accounted for the largest share of suspected abuse cases. However, the income register system has successfully reduced such suspicions, as evidenced by the decrease in reported cases from 2018 to 2023.

According to Kela, cases of suspected abuse are those where a beneficiary is consulted about their behavior and a decision is made on whether it constitutes abuse or not. Abuse occurs when a beneficiary intentionally attempts to obtain an unjustified or excessive benefit. The rest of the content in this article appears to be unrelated to these findings and may need further clarification or summarization if desired.

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