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Real Madrid is reportedly set to lose two of its key players in the upcoming transfer window, according to Spanish Sport. Luka Modrić (38) and Karim Benzema (35) are both expected to depart from the club, with Modrić reportedly seeking a new challenge after losing his starting position to 20-year-old English wonder Jude Bellingham.

According to rumors, Modrić may be heading to Saudi Arabia, where former teammates are said to be ready to welcome him with open arms. The move could earn him an incredible 120 million euros per season or 360 million over three years, which is an astronomical amount. However, it remains uncertain whether Real Madrid will agree to release him in January, as the club’s leadership has confirmed that they do not offer contracts longer than one year to players over thirty years old.

Benzema’s departure from Real Madrid is also expected to have a significant impact on the team’s performance. The French forward has been a vital part of the team for several seasons and his departure could leave a gaping hole in the side’s attacking options. It remains unclear where Benzema will end up, but it is likely that he will be highly sought after by clubs around the world.

Overall, these departures could signal the end of an era for Real Madrid as they look set to rebuild their squad for future successes.

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