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What was Usher’s earnings for the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

R&B superstar Usher has been announced as the performer for the 2024 Super Bowl half-time show. The singer, who is known for hits like ‘Yeah!’, ‘Love in This Club’, ‘U Remind Me’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Confessions’, was chosen by Jay-Z, whose company Roc Nation produces the performance.

Jay-Z has praised Usher as the ultimate artist and showman, citing his flawless singing, exceptional choreography and ability to bare his soul. Usher has expressed his excitement about performing at the half-time show, calling it an “honor of a lifetime” and stating that it has been on his “bucket list” for years.

While it may come as a surprise that the Super Bowl half-time show is not a paying gig, performers are not paid by the NFL. However, they do receive coverage for their travel expenses. Despite its short running time, the half-time show is a hugely expensive undertaking. Performers may not receive a check, but they are almost guaranteed to experience a healthy increase in record sales and streaming figures. In Usher’s case, this means his new album COMING HOME will reach a whole lot of listeners, translating to a very nice payday after all.

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