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Trump’s flying causes trouble for Biden in the polls

According to a recent survey by the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump is currently leading Joe Biden in six out of the seven crucial states that will determine the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections in November 2024. Trump’s lead is attributed to concerns about the US economy and the advanced age of the current president. Despite winning these states back in 2016, they are now considered battlegrounds with Trump ahead.

Polls show that Trump has a two-point advantage in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and a three-point advantage in Wisconsin. In addition, he leads Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona with margins of three, four, and five points respectively. Moreover, Trump is ahead in North Carolina with greater support on issues such as the economy, immigration, and fighting inflation. On the other hand, Biden has an advantage on the issue of defending abortion and reproductive rights.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza could impact not only the White House but also Congress elections. Democratic officials fear that their re-election chances may be affected by this war since it has garnered opposition from 55% of Americans and only 18% of Democratic voters. There are concerns that protests against US support for Israel could affect Biden’s re-election prospects with some groups advocating for not voting for him due to this issue.

Furthermore, there are fears of potential protests at Chicago convention and at Biden’s rallies or public events. Democratic lawmakers worry that these protests could harm Biden’s re-election campaign, prompting some to call for a consistent break from Israel to improve his political positioning. The situation in Gaza is expected to be a significant factor in upcoming elections with potential consequences for both presidential race and Congress.

In conclusion, while polls indicate that Trump has an edge over Biden across several crucial swing states leading into November 2024 elections in United States; however, issues such as Gaza conflict may significantly impact his campaign prospects. It remains to be seen which candidate will emerge victorious based on voter turnout and election results when all ballots are counted finalylyy

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