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Biden and Sanders unite to advocate for reduced healthcare expenses

President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders joined forces once again to showcase the administration’s efforts in reducing the cost of health care needs, particularly for individuals on Medicare. The event took place at the Indian Treaty Room at the White House, where Biden expressed gratitude towards Sanders for their long-standing fight against Big Pharma.

During the event, they highlighted the provisions within the Democrats’ comprehensive climate, health care, and tax package to lower health care costs for individuals on Medicare. Notably, this legislation was passed in 2022 without any Republican support. The package includes a cap of $35 a month for insulin and $2,000 a year for prescription drugs.

Despite significant achievements in areas like health care cost reduction, Biden has not received full recognition from the public. Both Biden and Sanders reiterated their commitment to working together to ensure that the cost of inhalers remains affordable, with a cap of $35 per month, compared to the current cost of $200 to $600 without insurance.

Sanders, a Vermont independent, and Biden, who were once rivals for the Democratic nomination in 2020, have come together to collaborate on important policy issues. Their joint efforts to address health care affordability and pressure major inhaler manufacturers mark a continuation of their partnership in advocating for policies that benefit Americans.

Both leaders emphasized their dedication to ensuring that every American can access affordable healthcare regardless of their background or financial situation. They also stressed that they would continue working together to fight against big pharma corporations that seek to profit off of people’s suffering.

Their partnership has been instrumental in bringing about change in healthcare policies and reducing costs for millions of Americans who rely on Medicare for their healthcare needs.

In conclusion, President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders have formed an unlikely alliance that has led to significant progress in reducing healthcare costs for individuals on Medicare. Their joint efforts are a testament to their commitment towards ensuring that every American can access affordable healthcare regardless of their background or financial situation.

By Samantha Jones

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