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Pope calls for peace in the midst of global conflict

In a world that seems to be at war, Pope Francis made an impassioned plea for peace during his address to the crowd at the end of the general audience. He emphasized the need for unity and urged everyone not to forget countries like Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, Myanmar, and others that are suffering due to conflicts.

The Pontiff acknowledged the grim reality of a world engulfed in a real “world war,” rather than isolated conflicts. He implored the faithful to come together in prayer for peace in the face of such widespread turmoil.

During his speech, Pope Francis took a moment to specifically mention countries that are currently experiencing intense conflict. He highlighted Ukraine, where Russian drones continue to rain down destruction, the Middle East, where bombings have led to a staggering death toll, and Myanmar, which is facing internal crisis and the suffering of the Rohingya people.

Calling for unity in prayer, the Pope stressed the importance of not forgetting those who are most in need during times of war. He urged everyone to remember these troubled regions and to pray for an end to the violence and suffering.

Pope Francis also reminded the audience that peace is something that can be achieved through each person’s individual efforts, no matter how small. He encouraged children celebrating their First Communion to be mindful of the struggles faced by their peers who are victims of war, hunger, and poverty, emphasizing the importance of humble service and the role it plays in fostering peace in the world and the Church.

By Samantha Jones

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