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Von der Leyen receives internal backlash for choosing business envoy – POLITICO

The recent selection of Pieper for the SME envoy position has sparked controversy about the fairness and transparency of the process. This has led to a request for a discussion at an upcoming College meeting, involving four commissioners who are rivals of von der Leyen’s European People’s Party. Schmit and Breton, both aligned with different political groups, have already made public remarks about their boss, adding to the political tensions in the lead-up to the European election in June.

In addition to Pieper, two other women had also been shortlisted for the SME envoy position. Both candidates were found to have scored higher than Pieper during the selection process. One of them, Czech Renew lawmaker Martina Dlabajová, even lodged an official complaint about the procedure. As a result, a group of lawmakers from various political parties submitted written questions to the Commission seeking clarification on how Pieper was chosen and whether his political affiliation influenced the decision-making process.

Despite these inquiries, no response has been provided yet. This has left Green lawmaker Daniel Freund of Germany waiting anxiously for an explanation along with his colleagues. The lack of transparency in the selection process has raised further concerns about how Pieper was chosen over other more qualified candidates.

The controversy surrounding Pieper’s selection is likely to continue until there is greater clarity on why he was chosen over others who may have been better suited for the role. This could lead to further political tensions as different parties vie for influence in Europe ahead of the upcoming election.

By Samantha Jones

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