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Man on stolen orange sports motorbike leads police on chase in Miami-Dade

On Monday evening, Ezequiel Brown was arrested in Leisure City, Fla., after attempting to evade police on an orange sports motorbike. Records showed that Brown’s license had been suspended on March 11.

Detectives in an unmarked police car spotted Brown, 44, riding the stolen motorbike on the sidewalk in southern Miami-Dade County. The police pursuit began near Southwest 152nd Avenue and Lincoln Drive when Brown refused to stop for the detectives. Despite the officers using “police emergency equipment,” Brown continued to speed away recklessly, even when they deactivated the equipment and followed at a distance.

Brown eventually abandoned the motorbike and tried to flee on foot near Southwest 288 Street and Kentucky Road, but detectives were able to apprehend him. He was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center early on Tuesday morning and appeared in court to face charges in four cases, including grand theft, fleeing and eluding police, driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving. His bond was set at $5,300.

Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Laura Maria Gonzalez-Marques was scheduled to preside over Brown’s case. For the latest breaking news alerts, stay informed with WPLG

By Samantha Jones

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