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On November 18, during the day of Remembrance Day, a disturbing incident took place near Nuštra in which an Audi with Vukovar license plates attacked a car with Sombor registrations. The attack occurred in the presence of police vehicles but they did not intervene or interview the attackers. An eyewitness to the attack recorded the incident on his cell phone as four young men cursed and physically attacked the drivers of the other car, including using derogatory language and wearing a shirt with the coat of arms of HOS. Despite this, no action was taken by the police and no consequences were faced by the attackers.

The witness expressed frustration at the lack of response from the police and criticized their failure to intervene and stop the attack. He also shared that when he went to report the incident at a police station in Vinkovci, he was told that the victims did not want to press charges or go to court, implying that it would be dismissed. The witness believes that this is unacceptable and that it sends a message that such behavior will not be punished.

A formal inquiry has been sent to the police regarding this incident but no response has been received yet at time of publication. It is hoped that justice will be served for those who were attacked and that measures will be taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in future.

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