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Recently, the authorities have charged 22 individuals with fraud as part of a criminal association. They are accused of defrauding 89 senior citizens for a total of €1,045,005 between September and November last year. The group was led by Romano Beganović, who coordinated the operation and instructed other defendants to carry out various tasks.

The group’s members claimed that they were working with the police to protect their property and assured victims that they would check their wallets and secure their gold jewelry. However, after obtaining information about the amount of money and gold jewelry owned by the victims, the group went to their addresses using vehicles provided by Beganović. In the name of an alleged inspection, they took money and gold jewelry from the elders and handed it over to Beganović, who divided it among himself and his accomplices.

As a result of these activities, Uskok has filed charges against all 22 suspects. The group is being investigated for fraud as part of a criminal association. Additionally, some defendants are being held in pretrial detention while others have been released on bail pending trial.

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