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Squishmallows initiates legal battle with Build-A-Bear

The legal battle between two popular plush toy companies, Squishmallows from Jazwares and Skoosherz from Build-A-Bear Workshop, is set to begin. The lawsuit centers around a copyright issue, with Jazwares accusing Build-A-Bear of intellectual property infringement.

Build-A-Bear has retaliated by filing their own lawsuit in Missouri, claiming that Skoosherz is simply their own version of a popular type of toy. Jazwares, on the other hand, believes that Skoosherz is a knockoff of their Squishmallows and has been selling them since 2017.

The original range of Squishmallows animals included a fox, cat, and frog. However, they became more popular during the pandemic as people bought comforting items for their homes and went viral on TikTok and were endorsed by celebrities. Today, there are over 1,000 different versions of the plush toys.

Jazwares has already filed a lawsuit against Chinese online retailer Alibaba for allegedly selling counterfeit toys. The company’s parent company was bought by US billionaire Warren Buffett’s investment firm in 2022. Their lawyer Moez Kaba stated that “when it comes to intellectual property rights, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.”

Build-A-Bear has yet to respond to the request for comment.

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