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Nothing, a technology company, has announced that their new messaging app, Nothing Chats, has been removed from the Google app store in order to fix several bugs related to Sunbird technology. The app was presented last week as an “app” that allowed users to send and receive messages via iMessage on an Android device, thanks to Sunbird technology. The founder of Nothing, Carl Pei, had also stated that it would be made available to users on Phone (2) by the 17th of this month.

However, only a day after its release, Nothing shared that the beta version of the messaging app had been removed from the Play Store in order to work with Sunbird to fix several bugs. The launch has been delayed “until further notice,” as detailed by the manufacturer in a post in which they also asked for forgiveness for the delay and assured that they would continue working to do “the right thing for users.”

According to Nothing, Sunbird’s architecture uses a system to send messages to other users without storing them at any point in their journey. Messages are only stored on the device and end-to-end encrypted, making it impossible for Sunbird or Nothing to access the content sent in Nothing Chats. However, after analyzing the application, some users and cybersecurity experts have raised concerns about privacy and security issues.

For example, developer Dylan Roussel has criticized Sunbird technology by stating that they have access to all messages sent and received through the app and that all documents sent are public. This is because Sunbird decrypts messages sent by users and sends them over an insecure connection to a cloud server before storing them in an unencrypted format. Roussel has warned that if a cybercriminal manages to register and access the database

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