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Farewell to the Life Science Building: The Insider’s Perspective

A group of Pitt alumni has recently provided funding for the dismantling of the Life Sciences Building and its replacement with a humanities building. While the new Life Sciences Building was initially met with challenges such as funding issues, it is now set to be replaced.

Hugh Mungus, one of the donors involved in the project, has shared his thoughts on the matter. Mungus believes that a building focused on science is unnecessary and finds the current design unattractive. Despite this, most of the donors involved have chosen to remain anonymous.

The estimated cost of dismantling the Life Sciences Building and constructing a new one has not yet been determined, but experts predict it could range from $10 to $15 million. The primary donor of the project prefers to keep their identity private and has expressed a desire to support other renovation projects in the future. They believe that modern architecture is unappealing and aim to reject it in favor of more traditional styles.

As of now, no start date for the project has been set, but revitalizing the campus and making it more aesthetically pleasing remains a top priority for all donors involved.

By Samantha Jones

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