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Schillaci and Roccella developing new guidelines for triptorelin in managing dysphoria

In a joint effort, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Family have announced a discussion on the issue of gender dysphoria in minors, with a particular focus on the use of triptorelin, a puberty-blocking drug. Ministers Orazio Schillaci and Eugenia Roccella are leading this initiative, bringing together a team of technicians and experts to develop new guidelines based on scientific literature and experiences from other countries.

The announcement highlights the work that has been done so far to address gender dysphoria and the use of blockers. This includes involvement from scientific societies, the National Bioethics Committee, and a survey conducted in various regions regarding the clinical and financial aspects of prescribing triptorelin. The press release also outlines a request for a report from AIFA on the therapeutic indications for the drug.

The goal of this collaborative effort is to reexamine the issue of using triptorelin in cases of gender dysphoria in minors and establish clear guidelines for its use in the future. The composition of the expert panel will be finalized in the coming days to further advance this important discussion.

By Samantha Jones

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