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Turning a Pickleball Hobby into a Successful Business: How Darden is Supporting Their Next Steps

Pickleball is gaining popularity as a physical activity that encourages engagement, according to Collins. There is a growing demand for pickleball events to be included in wedding celebrations and for companies to promote employee participation in active pursuits, including personalized pickleball paddles. Jamison chose Darden due to its reputation for providing the best resources to help individuals achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Jamison and Collins successfully launched their business and are now leveraging Darden’s resources to facilitate growth. They highlight the exceptional curriculum at Darden, emphasizing the importance of the supportive network present at the institution. Jamison praises the generosity and knowledge of everyone involved, particularly the mentorship received from entrepreneurship professors like Jim Zuffoletti. Collins also recognizes Zuffoletti’s guidance on various aspects of business development, including fundraising and sales strategies, acknowledging the professor’s willingness to invest time in their success.

Looking forward, both Jamison and Collins are excited to gain more insights at the upcoming Venture Capital Conference, where Darden alumni will serve as panelists. They recognize the importance of relationships and networking in the venture capital industry. The shared experience with fellow Darden alumni fosters a sense of camaraderie and understanding, which can lead to fruitful connections for aspiring venture capitalists and successful fundraising for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital investments. These connections are crucial for advancing careers in the industry and securing capital for business growth.

In summary, pickleball is transforming physical activities by encouraging engagement among people. Jamison and Collins have successfully launched their business with Darden’s support and are leveraging its resources for growth. They highlight Darden’s exceptional curriculum, supportive network, mentorship opportunities from professors like Jim Zuffoletti, and upcoming Venture Capital Conference where they will gain valuable insights through networking with fellow alumni.

By Samantha Jones

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