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Exciting Update: Wegmans and the Health Department Partner for 2 Events

The Hopewell Township Health Department has partnered with Wegmans to organize two Shingles vaccine clinics at Pennington Borough Municipal Hall. These clinics will be held on April 17 and June 19, 2024. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that adults who are 50 years and older receive two doses of the shingles vaccine to prevent shingles and its complications. Additionally, adults who are 19 years and older and have weakened immune systems due to disease or therapy should also get two doses of the vaccine due to their higher risk of contracting shingles.

The Hopewell Township Health Department is committed to ensuring that residents in the area receive access to important vaccines like the Shingles vaccine. By partnering with Wegmans, they hope to make it easy for people to get the shots they need at a convenient location. The clinics will be held at Pennington Borough Municipal Hall on April 17 and June 19, 2024. It is important for residents to sign up for one or both vaccines as soon as possible so that they can take full advantage of this opportunity.

If you only receive one vaccine at the clinics, you will need to visit Wegmans or another pharmacy in the area to obtain your second shot. It is important for everyone who falls into this category to make sure they get their second dose as soon as possible after receiving their first dose. This will help ensure that they are fully protected from the Shingles virus and its complications.

For more information on the Shingles vaccine and its benefits, please visit the CDC website at This website provides a wealth of information about why it’s important for adults over 50 years old

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