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The European Parliament will hold a discussion on the situation on Finland’s eastern border during its plenary session on Tuesday evening. The debate will be led by representatives of the EU Commission and the Council of Member States, and it is not expected to include voting on any specific resolution.

The speeches of the Parliament’s groups have been summarized for Finnish MEPs, who are particularly interested in this issue. Eero Heinäluoman (SD) has put the topic on the agenda, while Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner presented a similar topic but with a different title.

Heinäluoma believes that the situation on Finland’s eastern border can get “really bad,” and he wants other EU countries and the European Parliament to understand Finland’s conditions so that they are ready to support it if necessary. He also warns that Russia is trying to undermine Finland’s ability to operate in its own and the Union’s longest border area, which is unacceptable.

MP Petri Sarvamaa of the coalition agrees with Heinäluoma and says that currently there are clear indications that Russia is trying to destabilize Finland’s eastern border. He considers this evening’s discussion extremely important for the entire EU.

MEP Mauri Pekkarinen from the center says that raising this issue in the EU is important from a border security perspective. He also notes that closing border points at appropriate times sends a message to Russia that Finland will not allow

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