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In recent news, Croatian national team player Mislav Oršić has made a comeback to the field after almost four months of being sidelined with a knee injury. This is great news for his fans and supporters, as they eagerly await his return to form. However, it seems that Oršić’s journey back to the pitch may be complicated by a change in management at Trabzonspor.

Nenad Bjelica, who was instrumental in bringing Oršić to the Turkish first league team, is no longer sitting on the bench. This could impact Oršić’s chances of playing regularly in the near future. It’s worth noting that other players like Filip Benković and Tonio Teklić have also faced challenges since Bjelica’s departure. Benković was previously a standard first-team player but has now been relegated to the bench, while Teklić only changes position between the bench and the stands.

The uncertain status of Oršić and his fellow Croatian players in Trabzonspor is further complicated by the fact that the club is performing better after Bjelica’s departure. In just four games, they have registered three victories and a draw. This improvement in performance raises questions about what plans, if any, new coach Abdullah Avci has for Oršić moving forward.

Overall, it remains to be seen how things will unfold for Oršić in Trabzonspor. However, one thing is certain – he will continue to work hard towards turning his fortunes around and returning to his former glory on the field.

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