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Several Oklahomans transitioning from SoonerCare to the new SoonerSelect health plan

From April 1st, many Oklahomans who use SoonerCare will be transitioning to a new health plan called SoonerSelect. This announcement was made by the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority, and over half of the individuals currently using SoonerCare will now be covered under the SoonerSelect health plan.

SoonerSelect is designed to cater to non-disabled children, children in foster care, low-income parents, pregnant women, and non-disabled adults aged 19 to 64. Members who are switching to this new plan should confirm the changes with their healthcare providers to ensure that they are still within the network. All members should have received new identification cards by now, but if not, they are advised to contact for assistance.

The Oklahoma Healthcare Authority has stated that SoonerSelect will prioritize health and wellness initiatives both within and outside of traditional medical settings. The program will closely monitor quality metrics to assess how well the plans are helping members achieve their health goals, improve their health outcomes, and enhance their overall quality of life.

For those who are eligible and have not yet chosen SoonerSelect as their health plan, they have until June 30th to make the necessary changes to their coverage. It is recommended that individuals review the new plan options and select the one that best suits their individual healthcare needs.

By Samantha Jones

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