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Where Are the Knobs? Exploring Why Technology Can Be Challenging for Millennials.

I find myself longing for the simplicity of the past, despite my efforts to keep up with technology. It’s hard to believe that phones used to have cords and computers were the size of a room. Now, everything fits in the palm of your hand. The progress in technology is truly mind-boggling.

But despite my best efforts to adapt, I still miss the days of physical buttons and manual controls. There was something satisfying about the tactile feedback of pushing a button or turning a knob. Now, everything is done with a swipe or a tap. It just doesn’t feel the same for me as a digital dinosaur.

I may be outdated when it comes to technology, but there’s something charming about the old ways that can’t be replicated with touchscreens and virtual buttons. So even though I may struggle with the latest gadgets, I’ll always appreciate the simplicity and nostalgia of the past.

By Samantha Jones

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