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In recent news, North Korea successfully launched a spy satellite, which has caused concern among the affected countries. The launch took place on a specific day and impacted South Korea, Japan, and the USA. Japan has announced that it will coordinate with its partner countries to put pressure on North Korea to stop the launch. The USA has condemned the launch as a violation of UN resolutions.

North Korea had previously informed Japan that it planned to launch a satellite between Wednesday and December 1st. However, this has caused an increase in tension between the two countries. Japan’s main concern is to dissuade North Korea from carrying out the launch, as there are currently multiple spy satellites in orbit that are being monitored to maintain control.

The issue with these spy satellites is that they continue to surveil other regions. The US, South Korea, and Japan have previously accused North Korea of using technology directly related to its ballistic missile program. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from launching ballistic missiles of any range. Depending on the design of these rockets, they can also be equipped with a nuclear warhead, which could escalate the ongoing conflict between North Korea and the affected countries.

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