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In September, Peacock is set to stream yet another NFL game

In September, the NFL will be streaming another game featuring the Philadelphia Eagles. This follows the success of streaming an NFL playoff game in January, which attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative. The upcoming game will be a regular season matchup and is expected to be the second game of the season, played in Sao Paulo, Brazil on a Friday.

Despite some complaints from fans, the previous game in January was successful for both the NFL and Peacock. It required viewers to subscribe to Comcast’s streaming service in order to watch. This time around, the game won’t have the same level of national interest and controversies as before, but some griping is still expected.

The NFL has hinted at more exclusive streaming games in the future based on the success of previous broadcasts. Peacock is pleased with the results of their playoff game, boasting record broadband usage and good ratings. Antenna estimated that nearly 3 million new users signed up for Peacock to watch the game, with 71% of them still remaining subscribers months later. Expect more of these exclusive streaming games to come as both the NFL and Peacock continue to see positive outcomes from this format.

By Samantha Jones

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