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Mayor Purzycki Commemorates The Dermatology Specialists’ Arrival to Wilmington’s Downtown Business District

The Dermatology Specialists, a renowned dermatology group from the Northeast, has expanded its reach to meet the demand for dermatological services in Wilmington by opening its second location in Delaware at 801 North Market Street. This New York-based practice is committed to providing quality care to residents across the region, with 47 locations nationwide, including the new one in Wilmington.

Mayor Mike Purzycki welcomed The Dermatology Specialists to the Downtown Business District of Wilmington during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by local dignitaries, Dr. Michael Saruk, Mark Seward, and Gil Messer of The Dermatology Specialists. Mayor Purzycki commended the revitalization of Market Street and expressed gratitude to the visionaries behind the project. He welcomed The Dermatology Specialists as a valuable addition to the community, recognizing the importance of their services in meeting the healthcare needs of Wilmington residents.

Dr. Michael Saruk, the Medical Director of Delaware for The Dermatology Specialists, emphasized the practice’s dedication to providing quality care for all residents of Wilmington. The new office will be open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with Walk-Ins welcome. Those interested in scheduling an appointment or learning more about their services can visit their website at

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