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Best Practices for Technology in the Channel in 2024

The technology industry is witnessing a shift in focus towards cloud computing, security, and artificial intelligence domains. These areas are becoming increasingly important to partners, who are looking for ways to enhance their offerings and stay competitive in the ever-evolving market. According to a recent survey by Channelnomics, partners are prioritizing these technologies to improve their sales and operational processes.

Cloud computing is identified as the most prevalent technology practice among partners, demonstrating its significance in the industry. Partners are leveraging cloud computing to deliver innovative solutions to their clients while ensuring data security and compliance. This technology has become foundational to partners’ practices, enabling them to excel beyond basic product reselling.

In addition to cloud computing, partners are recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming the channel environment. By investing in AI technologies, partners can offer advanced solutions to their clients, optimize operational processes, and drive business growth. As AI continues to gain traction in the technology industry, partners are adapting their practices to incorporate AI-driven solutions and services.

Overall, the evolving landscape of technology practices among partners highlights the importance of cloud computing, security, and artificial intelligence in driving innovation and growth in the industry. Partners who capitalize on these technology domains are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of their clients and succeed in the competitive marketplace.

By Samantha Jones

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