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Nurse Anita Beatty has had the privilege of being part of Care Ring North Carolina’s Nurse-Family Partnership program for the past two years. As a nurse in this program, she connects with expectant mothers and visits them at home before and after their baby arrives, providing support and education on health matters for up to two years.

For single mother Christaiua Williams, the birth of her daughter Daylynn was an overwhelming experience. But through her biweekly visits with Beatty, she received counseling and guidance that helped her navigate the challenges of new motherhood. “My role is to support and educate mothers around health issues,” says Beatty. “I teach them how to advocate for what they need.”

As a black woman, Williams understands the unique challenges faced by women of color during pregnancy and childbirth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Black women are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women, with access to healthcare and structural racism playing a significant role. This is something that Beatty has witnessed firsthand in her work with Care Ring.

Despite these challenges, Care Ring is committed to expanding its Nurse-Family Partnership program across greater Charlotte. The program provides essential support to mothers until their child turns two years old. For Williams, having someone like Beatty by her side made all the difference in ensuring that she was able to provide the best possible care for her daughter.

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