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New Owners Make Minimal Changes at Swanson’s Bait & Tackle in Hackensack

Keith Dahl, a seasoned manager with 35 years of experience in sporting goods stores, has taken over Swanson’s Bait & Tackle in Hackensack. Originally from Bemidji, Dahl is eager to share his expertise with the local community. Despite the change in management, customers can expect things to remain relatively the same at Swanson’s.

Pine Creek Partners has recently acquired ownership of Swanson’s and is looking to expand its product offerings by adding more fishing tackle, apparel, and gifts. This move aims to make shopping more convenient for customers while providing a wider range of products. In addition, the store plans to increase its merchandise variety with the addition of more pegboard.

In addition to owning Swanson’s, Pine Creek Partners also owns 11 hardware stores and three convenience stores that carry bait, tackle, and sporting goods. The new ownership has not altered the store’s commitment to providing quality products and services in the Hackensack area. Support Lakeland News today to continue enjoying member-supported content.

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