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NFL owners approve proposal to penalize hip-drop tackles

The NFL’s proposed penalty for hip-drop tackles was met with strong support during league meetings on Monday, with team owners voting in favor of the rule change. The measure was approved by the NFL and will be implemented in the upcoming season.

Under the new rule, players who engage in hip-drop tackles will face a 15-yard penalty during games, as well as possible fines from the league. These tackles involve defensive players grabbing ballcarriers and using their hips to unweight themselves while dragging the opponent down, leading to a significantly higher injury rate than other types of tackles.

While team owners supported the rule change, the NFL Players Association opposed it. The association argued that penalizing hip-drop tackles would create confusion for players, coaches, and others involved in the game. However, with the rule set to take effect in the 2024 season, everyone involved will need to adjust to the new regulations.

By Samantha Jones

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