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Ministry of Agriculture opens coordination table

The government has established a coordination table for agriculture, bringing together ministries, unions, and organizations to discuss labor costs, manpower procurement, flow management, training, and simplification. This was announced by Patrizio La Pietra, the undersecretary of Masaf, at the conclusion of a meeting with representatives from Agricultural redemption.

La Pietra emphasized that the government is committed to protecting the agricultural sector and will do so with the same conviction. A new policy for community agricultural projects is being considered, which will have a direct impact on the agricultural industry and its businesses.

Farmers will benefit greatly from new policies that are set to be introduced by the government. Discussions will begin with regions and agricultural organizations to identify supply chains where the first support interventions will be allocated. In addition, a revision to the insurance system is being worked on to reduce the cost of insurance policies for farmers, increase the pool of insured people and provide farmers with greater protection against catastrophic risks.

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