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Shawarma Land, a small business in West Houston on Westheimer, opens and is burglarized hours after closing on its first day of business.

On its opening day, Shawarma Land, a small local business in west Houston, was robbed just hours after it opened its doors. The owners of the restaurant on Westheimer shared that the thief caused damage to their property and escaped with over $1,000 from the register. Owner Mohammad Assaad expressed his disappointment, stating that he had saved every penny for the restaurant.

The thief quickly grabbed the cash register upon entering and fled through the back, leaving behind broken glass. Assaad was shocked by the incident, although he was aware that robberies in the area were not uncommon. The neighborhood where Shawarma Land is located has seen a high number of burglaries in the past year, according to the ABC13 Neighborhood Safety Tracker.

Despite the setback, Assaad remains resilient and optimistic. He chose the bustling area for his restaurant due to its diverse customer base. He shared that the opening of Shawarma Land was a long-held dream, as he had spent extensive time perfecting recipes and renovating the space.

The break-in has not deterred Assaad from pursuing his passion for serving delicious shawarma. Houston police are actively investigating the burglary, but no arrests have been made yet. For updates on this story, follow Alex Bozarjian on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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